University Library Services

The University Library Services is headed by Dr. Abdulkadir Idris Ahmed as the University Librarian. It serves as the centre of varied research and learning activities for both staff and students of the University.


The philosophy of the University Library Services is to strive to the challenge of a modern university library by effectively meeting the research, learning and information needs of its clientele.


To develop and implement strategies for effective provision of, and access to professional library and information services, in support of the core activities of teaching, learning, research, publications and community services.


To maintain a pivot position for all scholarly, academic, research and information related activities of a top class university comparable to its peers across the world.

Branches of the University Library

The University Library Services operates the following libraries:

  1. Permanent Site Library
  2. SPS Library
  3. e-Library (located at both the SPS and Permanent Site Libraries)

Units under the Library

    1. Reader Services

This Unit, which provides direct contact with users, is categorized into two (2): educational and utilisation. The first category comprises readers’ advisory services, reference work and instruction in the use of Library. The second category comprises circulation work and reserve book services.

a) Circulation Service Section

i. Registering of new Library users

ii. Charging books out to users

iii. Discharging returned books.

iv. Keeping statistics of Library users

v. Shelving new books

vi. Conducting shelve reading

vii. Maintaining books on the open shelves.

b) Reference and Information Services

This section assists users in the most effective use of resources and services by providing specific, exhaustive and prominent information. This section is rendering the following services to the users:

i. Teaching how to effectively use the Library resources.

ii. Providing answers to directional and non-directional queries

iii. Setting up of all possible measures to start providing Current Awareness

Services (CAS) and Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI).

c) Reserve Services

The aim of this service is to safeguard library resources that are rare in nature, relatively expensive and high on demand. Information resources on constant demand are held behind the main circulation service area for limited use. Users can only access them on request.

    1. Technical Services

This Unit takes care of the processing of information resources for easy retrieval to meet user’s information needs. The Unit undertakes the following functions:

i. Acquisition

ii. Accessioning

iii. Classification

iv. Cataloguing

v. Book finishing

    1. Special Collections

The Unit is charged with the responsibilities of identifying, acquiring, processing, preserving and making available the following categories of documents and the other information resources for consultation by users, thus:

i. Postgraduate Theses

ii. Research Reports

iii. Photo Albums

iv. Newsletters and Bulletins

v. Student Handbooks

vi. Public lectures, conferences, symposia and seminar presentations

vii. Gazettes

viii. Matriculation documents, including speeches

ix. Annual Reports

x. Manuscripts of essential information

    1. e-Library Services

In line with the University’s Vision of becoming ICT-driven, the ULS has two (2) e-Libraries stocked with more than ninety thousand (90,000) titles of e-Books, journals articles as well as multimedia applications for accessing via intranet, and Internet connectivity for online access.

Resources of the Library

a) Information Resources

The University Library Services holds numerous Information Resources that cover the courses offered in the University and its School of Preliminary Studies. Such materials are primary, secondary and tertiary sources of information which exist in print and non-print formats to enhance effective teaching, learning and research.

b) Collections Strength

The University Library Services has a total of seven thousand one hundred and forty eight (7,148) volumes of books, eighty six thousand eight hundred and sixty one (86,861) volumes of e-books/Journals, five thousand one hundred and fifty eight (5158) volumes of Newspapers, twenty five (25) titles with sixty three (63) volumes of Journals and four hundred and seventy eight (478) volumes of News Magazines.

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