SLU Unveils its 1st Strategic Plan as it Matriculates 825 Students


The Sule Lamido University (SLU) Kafin Hausa has unveiled its First Strategic Plan during the Matriculation Ceremony for 2016/17 undergraduates of the University. The unveiling was conducted by the Visitor to the University and Jigawa State Governor, Alhaji Muhammad Badaru Abubakar, who was represented by his Special Adviser on Adult and Higher Education, Alhaji Ibrahim Isma’ila (Jarman Ringim). In his remarks, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Abdullahi Yusufu Ribadu disclosed that the Strategic Plan, which covers the span of five years, 2016-2020, is a road map for the structured and orderly development of the University. He described it as a marketing
document that will provide information about the Mission, Vision, goals and corporate strategies of the University to four key stakeholders namely: the Government of Jigawa State; local and foreign donor partner/funding agencies; staff and students of the University and the general public, especially the indigenes of Jigawa State. In his speech, the Governor expressed his administration’s satisfaction over the modest achievements recorded in the University which he attributed to the dedication and selflessness exhibited by the leadership of the University. This, according to the Visitor is yielding positive impact on the policy formulation and implementation in the Education System in the state. The Visitor expressed that it is a vindication of such commitment by the University leadership that resulted to the election of the Vice-Chancellor of the University as the Secretary General of the Association of West African Universities (AWAU) in October, 2016 in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. The University admitted 905 candidates for the 2016/17 Academic Session and 825 students were matriculated. Highpoint of the occasion was the Presentation of the Vice-Chancellor’s Award of Excellence to the best performing students in the 15 programmes offered in the University which included laptop computers and other cash prizes.

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